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What size Water Softener do I need?

Picking the right water softener is an important step in the conditioning of the water in your home. To understand the sizing of your water softener, it is best to understand how a water softener works.

What a water softener does is trade "hard" minerals in the water for "soft" minerals. The typical trade happens as calcium (hard mineral) enters a water softener and it is traded for sodium or potassium (soft mineral). Inside a water softener are chemical magnets called "ion exchange resin". These little chemical magnets do the trading. The more chemical magnets you have in a softener, the higher the capacity of the water softener system. Capacity is the amount of gallons a water softener will purify before you need to recharge (regenerate) it. Water softeners should only need to regenerate every three days and ideally every seven days.

Our medium units are 32,000 grains and our large units are 48,000 grains. The average number of gallons of water that a person uses every day is determined to be around 80 gallons of water. Multiply the number of persons in your home by 80 to determine the number of gallons of water that you are using per day. You will need to know the gallons per grain (hardness) of your water. The average water in the United States has 10 grains of hardness per gallon but to be certain have your water hardness tested or purchase a water hardness test kit. Next multiply the total number of gallons of water used per day times the GPG.

For an average household of 5 the calculation would look like this:

People = 
Gallons per person = 
Gallons used per day: 5 x 80 = 
Grains of hardness = 
Total grains used per day = 


The vast majority of homes would be well-equipped with our 32,000 grain water softener. This would cover most homes with up to 5 people and up to two baths with showers (7 g.p.m.). On a low salt saver setting this example would regenerate about once a week.

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